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January 6, 2013
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KU: Haru Lie by scatteredsnow KU: Haru Lie by scatteredsnow

:snowflake:Name: Haru Lie

:snowflake:Age: 18 yrs old

:snowflake:Gender: Female

:snowflake:Height: 162 cm

:snowflake:Date of Birth: 07 january 1995

:snowflake:Degree: Art // Design Graphic

:snowflake:Year: 1st year

:bulletwhite:tomboy-ish. what she wears always what she thinks is comfortable for her
:bulletwhite:easy-going. she is friendly, and very easy going. she took everything as slowly and comfortable as she wants~
:bulletwhite:semi-individualist. she doesnt care about other people's business and prefer to choose to ignore and dont get involved, she also prefers to finish her own problems alone. she doesnt like teamwork with people she doesnt like/close to. but she's actually caring with people she's close with.
:bulletwhite:cold. out of her personality being an easy going and friendly person, she actually doesnt really care about what happens to other people she wasnt really close, or some business she thinks isnt worthed to be talked or cared about
:bulletwhite:bulliers to the close ones. she likes to bully people close to her. it's like a symbol of trust of her for those people.
:bulletwhite:hypocrite. she acts being nice at first meeting or with people she isnt close to or she doesnt like. it's caused by her distrust to other people due to the trauma being betrayed by her friends in high school.
:bulletwhite:envious.she often envy other people's happiness she cant get, because she thought she has worked hard enough but didnt get what she thought she would get. but she never spoken about it and keep it in her heart.
:bulletwhite:doesnt like losing. even though she had tasted many losing, she still hates it and tried hard not to get lost in next time challenge.

youngest daughter of an ordinary family
she is the youngest one from 4 siblings, her mother died when she was 3 yrs old and after that very attached to her father. she has 7 yrs difference of ages with her second oldest sister, 10 yrs and 11 yrs from first oldest sister and oldest brother. the big gap of years made her being overprotected especially from her oldest brother. having no mother made her being tomboy and likes playing boy-ish games.

have a fun elementary and middle school.
she got her best friends here, but at this ages she liked to bully weak classmates and very selfish. her bullying caused for being spoiled by her family, but not having mother is one of thereason too, so she bullied other people to release her unsastified feelings. once had a relationship with a boy and ended in 3 years and leave a big love experience trauma for her. since then never got any boyfriend again and made her like an anti love character. even though she did fall in love many times in next years but just for have fun.

gloomy high school
out from homethown to have a highschool years not a really good memories for her because in those three years she had a bitter experience, from being betrayed by her own friend, she also had difficulties to adapt in new city. she did have friends again later but the pain still remains and made her remind what kind of person she was before and realize she was such a bad person, her feeling developed here and started to see the world in wider way. but because of the experince she unable to trust people anymore, trying to keep distance to other people and being a lone wolf in class.

going to Kamenoko University
from she was child she always likes drawing and aiming for Kamenoko University and got her father approvement to go study in japan, even though she had decided to make some friends in there too, she still cant trust people and will keep her distances to other people. but she doesnt want to be a lone wolf again and being a part of some group and make connection with people.

:snowflake:Club: -
:snowflake:Occupation: -

:bulletwhite: she has a plan to live alone in an average apartement close near the university if she's accepted
:bulletwhite: her parents are rich enough make her kind of sloppy and lazy, but she's kind of a indepedent girl who hates to hang on people so that's why she wants to live alone
:bulletwhite: chinese-japanese mix (father chinese, mother japanese chinese)
:bulletwhite: she likes manga but not to the point collecting figures
:bulletwhite: dog maniac
:bulletwhite: animal lover, she cares about animal more than human
:bulletwhite: she loves western food, especially steak and hamburger
:bulletwhite: she loves reading any books and movies, especially thriller-psychology genre like inception, shutter island, and v for fendetta.
:bulletwhite: she doesnt wear pink things, because it "doesnt match" her personality
:bulletwhite: interested to be a mangaka and doing her own project
:bulletwhite: she doesnt want "normal people" know that she's an otaku and hides about it
:bulletwhite: she doesnt do things she thinks not interesting
:bulletwhite: a proscacinator


my submission for :iconkamenoko-university:

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